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Bobby Lucier and his Fulawka Steel Guitar
Bobby Lucier has been a leader in steel guitar and is world renowned for his unique style and ability. 
Bob was the resident Steel Player for "The Tommy Hunter Show"  when it aired  on the CBC television network in Canada for many years.


New Release
Bob Lucier - Eleven Favorites

Bob has recorded a new CD called 'Eleven Favorites'. This CD once again reflects  Bob's amazing ability and versatility as a steel guitar player. Each song has an arrangement that only Bob can do. His tones on this album are full and rich and each song comes alive when you listen to it. In Bob's own words he says that "this is the finest work I've ever done". 
He has every right to be proud of this new recording! 


Eleven Favorites
Engineered & Mixed by:
Doug Deveaux, Sideman Studios
Oshawa, Ontario
Mastered by:
George Graves
The Lacquer Channel
Custom Graphics & CD’s by:
Ambassador Records
Oshawa, Ontario
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Bob Lucier by email:
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1. Pick Me Up (On Your Way Down)
C. Walker (2:52)
2. Fraulein
Lawton Williams, Travis Music BMI (3:03)
3. Workin’ Man Blues
Merle Haggard (2:38)
4. I Fall To Pieces
H. Cochrane & H. Howard, Tree Publishing BMI (2:52)
5. Fool Such As I
William Trader, MCA Music ASCAP (2:57)
6. Magnum
Bob Lucier, SOCAN (2:25)
7. Pass Me By
Hillman Hall (2:52)
8. Blues For Felix
C. Byrd, WAMJUD Music (2:40)
9. Alright I’ll Sign The Papers
M. Tillis, Cedarwood Publishing (3:15)
10. My Special Angel
Jimmy Duncan (3:02)
11. Lonesome 77203
Justin Tubb (2:34)

Gordie Tapp From 'Hee Haw' Writes Liner Notes For CD
In 1952, when we started Main Street Jamboree, I became deeply engrossed in Country Music.
I heard my first steel guitar in the hands of Bobby Wingrove and Lloyd Banks. It rapidly became my favorite instrument. In 1969 I arrived in Nashville to begin Hee Haw and thought I’d gone to steel guitar heaven. I worked with such famous names as Curly Chalker, Buddy Emmons, Lloyd Green, John Hughey etc... When I talked to them about their instruments and abilities they told me there was a guy up in Canada who had equal ability. 

I returned to Canada to guest on a well received Country TV show and met the young man they were talking about. If you ask Bobby Lucier for a sixteen bar turnaround he makes it sound like a symphony but not at the expense of your vocal presentation and the audience leaves thinking how great you are because of the intricate steel guitar background he provides.

He features four string harmony melodies with just a touch of two of his favorites, Jimmy Day and Weldon Myrick, but it’s his own interpretations that makes him unique.

A master steel guitar technician. A master of Cabinetry (his real income). I’m glad he’s presenting this new C.D.. May I introduce to you Bobby Lucier.

Gordie Tapp

Photos by: Leo Legere & Greg Lucier
Cover photo: Brian Carnahan
Pedal Steel: Fulawka 4 & 6
Amp: Peavey Nashville 400
Pick-up: Standard Fulawka!!

Produced By : Bob Lucier & Mel Aucoin 
All Arrangements By: Bob Lucier

Pedal Steel - Bob Lucier
Fiddle - Dan McGrath (8,9)
Don Reed (11)
Electric & Tic Tac Guitar - Darren Lachance
Piano - Mel Aucoin
Bass - Neil Nickafor (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
Mel Aucoin (10)
Andrew Affleck (11)
Drums - Sean O’Grady (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11)
Doug Deveaux (10)
Acoustic Guitars - Darren Lachance
Mel Aucoin
Tic Bass - Mel Aucoin (4)
Doug Deveaux (9)
Electric Rhythm  - Darren Lachance (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11)
Doug Deveaux (10)
Acoustic Guitar Solo - Darren Lachance on “Blues For Felix”
Vocal: Kurk Bernard on “Workin’ Man Blues”
BGV - Anita Perras & Frank Woodcock
Session dates: Recorded tracks November 3 & 11, 2001
Overdubs recorded January 12 & 13, 2002

Here is a sound byte from Bob's C.D. "Eleven Favorites"
 "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down" 
"Clip Of: Fraulein, Workin' Man Blues & I Fall To Pieces " 

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Bob Lucier on stage with his guitar player Darren Lachance
Bobby has played with many bands over the years and now enjoys his own band called 'Magnum'.  They can be seen playing once a month at the Waterdown Legion Hall during the winter months. 

Bob's Band Magnum
Coming Soon to Your Area


Pedal Steel - Bob Lucier
Vocalist - Kurk Bernard
Piano - Mel Aucoin
Bass - Neil Nickafor 
Guitar - Darren Lachance
Drums - Sean O’Grady
Fiddle - Dan McGrath


A Proud Grandfather
Bobby Lucier with his Grandson 'Zachary'
all those hot licks!

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