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Bobby Lucier and Mel Aucoin
Bobby Lucier and Mel Aucoin have been friends, and have played music for many years. Their amazing musical talents have set the standard for country music throughout the years in Canada. It has been an honour for us at Ambassador Records to be a part of this wonderful project. Thanks to Bob and Mel for recording this new CD for fans to enjoy. 
Your Friend...Paul Evans


Mel Aucoin - 88 & 10
Bob Lucier...where can I possibly begin? The road we have traveled as musicians and friends has been  filled with countless laughs, lessons and memories. We have been business partners, roommates, bandmates and each other�s best friend. I met Bob over 35 years ago at The Caribou Club in Toronto. I was knocked off my feet by Bob�s talent on the steel guitar. Over the years I have watched and listened as he has played with the very best. To this day he continuously blows me away with his style and ability to make each song his own. Bob Lucier�s talent is known around the world and I am so proud to so often be in his company. Bob and I have wanted this project to happen for such a long time. We have watched our babies become adults and now we are enjoying watching our grandchildren. Needless to say we have taken our time. It was worth it. I love what we created on this CD. It is a testament to a wonderful friendship whose backbone has always been the music......
Mel Aucoin

Bob Lucier - 88 & 10
Friends and neighbours... Let me tell you about Mel Aucoin. He is one HELL of a musician, producer, arranger and engineer etc..etc.. and vocalist to boot! He plays piano like there is no tomorrow and also plays Steel, Accordion, Fiddle, Guitar and Mandolin. 
So sit back and enjoy listening to this MONSTER musician.
Bob Lucier

Bob Lucier - Mel Aucoin  88 & 10
Recorded at: Mel�s Own Sound, Owen Sound, ON
Produced by: Mel Aucoin & Bob Lucier
Engineered & Mixed by: 
Todd Nolan & Mel Aucoin
Mastered by: Rick Hutt - 
Cedar Tree Studio Kitchener, ON
Tracks 1-3-4-8-9-10 arranged by: Bob Lucier
Tracks 6-7-11-12 arranged by: Mel Aucoin
Track 2 arranged by: Mike �Pepe� Francis
Track 5 arranged by: Sean O�Grady

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Bob Lucier:
Mel Aucoin:

1. Big Beaver 2:27
  2. Tennessee Waltz 3:32
  3. So Afraid Of Losing You Again 3:29
  4. Don�t Know Why 3:06
  5. Silver Wings 4:31
 6. Behind Closed Doors 2:38
  7. Song For Alice 2:00
  8. King Of The Road 3:25
  9. It Don�t Hurt Anymore 3:03
10. Some Day Soon 3:57
11. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain 3:08
12. Lonestar 3:16

John Hughey writes Liner Notes For CD
Hi folks,
For those of you who don't know Bob Lucier, don't know what you've missed thru the years and for those of you who do know him know him as a great person and a very talented musician. 
I've known Bob for a great many years now and consider him a very good friend.
But, the main reason I am here is to tell you about Bob's new CD. He sent me a preview copy and I am very impressed.  He is like a great wine, he gets better with age.
Bob, I think the CD is great and it's one that everyone should have in their "play all of the time"
collection. I know it will be in mine. Good luck with your continued success.
"God Bless"...John Hughey

Mel Aucoin - Lloyd Green - Bob Lucier


Photo taken at Scotty's Steel Guitar Convention 2003.
St. Louis, Missouri


Lloyd Green writes Liner Notes For CD
Bob Lucier has asked me to comment on a couple of tracks from his forthcoming CD, "88 and 10", a cryptic reference to the 88 keys on Mel Aucoin's piano and the 10 strings on Bob's steel. Track # 3 is a really good instrumental version of the Charley Pride classic, "I'm So Afraid of Losing You", which I originally played steel on way back in the 1960's. To Bob's credit he resists the urge to mimic any of the style I originally used and created an entirely original presentation. He plays it with superb tone, style and creativity that only can be achieved from many years of experience and lots of talent. And best of all, for my tastes, he and Mel Aucoin, along with twin fiddles, have recorded the tune in a legitimate country music fashion. But the recording 
doesn't have a dated sound, just good country music the way it can and should be played.

Track # 4, �Don�t Know Why�, is recorded in a softer, more easy-listening mode. It doesn't sound Country but rather the kind of song one might want to hear on a nice evening after ducking into a quiet bar for a drink before heading home. Again, the melodic interplay and construction between Bob on steel and Mel Aucoin on keyboards is intuitive and elegant. It's as if the two fellows are sitting there playing and after one plays an interesting solo, looks at the other, winks and says, "See if you can match that, pal....He can, they do."
"I enjoyed the interplay between Bob and Mel on this tune. They both demonstrate prowess and command of their respective instruments without either player sound the least bit out of character or sound with the other. This is the trademark of two highly professional, talented musicians playing on a level playing field."
Lloyd Green (steel guitarist)

Piano, Synth Bass - Mel Aucoin
Steel Guitar, Dobro - Bob Lucier
Drums, Percussion - Sean O�Grady 
Bass Guitar - Neil Nickafor 
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar - Mike �Pepe� Francis 
Harmonica - Gord Cottrill 
Fiddles - Tyler & Linsey Beckett 
Vocal on �Lonestar� - Kristie Aucoin 
Vocal on �Silver Wings� - Todd Nolan 
Back-up Vocals - Mel Aucoin & Todd Nolan
Electric Guitar Track 5 - Todd Nolan

Equipment used: Fulawka Steel Guitar with Fulawka Standard Pick-up
Amplifiers: Recorded in stereo with a 
Sho-Bud single channel Amp and a Peavey Nashville 400

CD Graphics & Replication by: Ambassador Records
185 Oshawa Blvd. S., Oshawa, ON  L1H 5R6
905-579-7476 �

Photography by: Kreative Edge Photos, Burlington, ON

Special Thanks To:
Jackie Aucoin for food and lodging
Gord Cottrill for the use of his Dobro
Mike Francis for all the help with this C.D.
Todd Nolan for the many hours spent in the studio with us.

Here are MP3 files from Mel & Bob's C.D. "88 & 10" Long Time Coming

Big Beaver 
Tennessee Waltz
So Afraid Of Losing You Again

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Bob Lucier -Nerves Of Steel

RECORDED AT: Manta Sound, Toronto  � Engineered and Mixed by: Hayward Parrott � 1976
DIGITALLY REMASTERED AT: Ambassador Records, Oshawa
Engineered by: Paul Evans & Doug Deveaux � 2005

Bob Lucier -Nerves Of Steel
Bobby originally recorded "Nerves Of Steel" in 1976. After all these years the music remains timeless and each song reflects the amazing talent of Bob Lucier. 
If you don't have a copy of this CD for 
your collection, order one now. 
You will really enjoy this one! 

Paul Evans
Ambassador Records


Bob Lucier -Nerves Of Steel
1. HEY GOOD LOOKIN�  Hank Williams (Fred Rose Music) 1:32
2. YOU AND ME B. Sherrill / G. Rickey (Algee Music)3:23
3. CITY OF NEW ORLEANS Steve Goodman (Buddah Music)3:55
4. C�MON SON Bob Lucier (Deer Park Music)2:21
5. THE HOMECOMING Hagood Hardy (Hagood Hardy Music) 2:25
6. FLOWERS ON THE WALL L. Dewitt (House of Cash/Unichappell) 2:37
7. HAPPY WORLD Bob Lucier (Deer Park Music) 2:27
8. THE WAY WE WERE Hamlisch/Bergman/Bergman (Colgems-Emi Music)3:37
9. JAMAICAN STEEL Weldon Myrick (Weldon Myrick Music) 2:44
10. MY PLEASURE Bob Lucier (Deer Park Music) 2:30
11. I CAN�T HELP IT Hank Williams (Fred Rose Music) 2:40
12. TOO HIGH Stevie Wonder (Johanan Vigoda) 3:36
GUITARS: Bob Mann, Jim Pirie, Brian Russell 
BASS: Tom Szczesniak
DRUMS: Bob McLaren  �  PIANO: Doug Riley
MASTER: Albert Pratz
VIOLINS: Bill Richards, Victoria Richards, Gerrard Kantarjian, 
Andrew Benac, Beauna Neilson
VIOLAS: Walter Babiak, Stanley Solomon  �  CELLO: Peter Schenkman
VOCAL BACK-UP: Stephanie, Diane Pirie, Judy Tate 
CD Graphics & Replication by: Ambassador Records
185 Oshawa Blvd. S., Oshawa, ON  L1H 5R6
905-579-7476 �

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Bob Lucier:

Here are MP3 files from the C.D. "Nerves Of Steel"

"C'Mon Son"

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Burlington, Ontario, Canada
L7L 4A3

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