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A Canadian Heart


Here's To The Ladies

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Peter Solmes - Here's To The Ladies
 On this Cd Peter has recorded songs for the ladies.

GUITAR: Doug Deveaux  FIDDLE: June Eikhard 
STEEL GUITAR: Paul Evans  BACK-UP VOCALS: Anita Perras - Frank Woodcock


Song Titles

1. Here's To The Ladies
2. Lovely Lady
3. Milk With Cookies
4. Soccer Mom Boogie
5. Fantasy Waltz
6. Shannonville Road
7. Dream World
8. I Know That It's Over
9. Everybody Says It's Love
10. Shadow Dancing
11. Pirate And The Lady
12. A House Without You

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Shannonville Road 

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 Peter Solmes 
Reflected in Peter's music is his love of Canadian tradition and culture. He writes songs about Canada and his musical influences range from rock to jazz, blues to country. Peter's listening audience ranges from the young to the old as he performs his music in concert. On this album there are fourteen songs including two gospel songs for radio station air play. Check out Midnight Run NEW COUNTRY at its best or "Ain't Those Weekends Fun", an up tempo song with a Country Blues flavor. A song that is close to Peter's heart is "Heal Thyself O Canada", a song written after the Quebec referendum in 1995. Playing on this C.D. are some of the finest musicians in our industry today and I would like to thank them for the work they have done. On lead and rhythm guitar we have Joe Howe (guitarist from the Tommy Hunter Show) and Bill Lintner, on bass guitar we have Bill Lintner and Gene Falbo, playing steel guitar is Paul Evans, Mike Holder and Al Brisco (President of Steel Guitar Club of Canada), on drums were Frank Woodcock and Tom Evans, on dobro - Tom Mark, on blues harp - Tony Bolihood and on fiddle, June Eikhard and Paul Helleur. Special thanks to our back up vocalists, Frank Woodcock, Kimberly Paulsen, Allison Purdy, Bill Lintner and special thanks to Canada's own Colleen Peterson for her backup vocals on "A House, But Without You". This song was produced by Juno award winner Pat Riccio Jr. Ambassador Records and Peter Solmes will be releasing this C.D. across Canada and Europe in May of this year and we would like to make this C.D. available to you.  Paul Evans

The Video

A Canadian Tradition

One of the songs that Peter has written, "A Canadian Tradition", has pays tribute to the bands that have played in Legion halls across Canada. Peter's video was shot at the Uxbridge Legion Branch #170 and will be released in May of this year for air play. We hope that you will enjoy this as we have captured our Canadian heritage in this video. A special thanks to the veterans who have served in this country.

Peter Solmes - Recording Session
Home & Away
Peter Solmes
 Home & Away 

Peter writes about places across our great land "Canada"
Away West
Wild Rockies Willy
In the Okanagan
Coyote Crying
Free With The Whales
 Pan Canada: 
Goin’ to the Fiddlefest
Encore: Could I Walk You Home / Lone Train Calling

Lake Ontario Morn
Ben Kerr
Black Donnollys
Sudbury Shuffle
Ridin’ on the Northern Line

Away East
Newfoundland It’s Just Like Home
Ballad of St. Anne’s Reel
Silent Harbour
Maritime Opus: O’re 
The Moor and Heather, 
New Rigged Ships, 
Farewell To Nova Scotia

"Home & Away"
Dear Listener: My name is Peter Solmes, and I am proud, to be a Canadian and sing of my Home land. Those who hear me live have encouraged this pursuit, though some think recording these types of songs is too parochial. But, like Canadian wine, there are some who think far away is better, when in fact home product can be “ice wine” fine. This album is a concept album, reflecting the the areas of Canada I have seen.  I am trying to paint Canadian scenes; “Lake Ontario Morn”. and “Newfoundland It’s Just Like Home”, “Free With The Whales”, much like Bateman of Kierstead, or even, like  Trisha Romance, I paint loving scenes, such as “Could I Walk You Home”. And what kind of music is this? Well, all the Earth Music: old folk, Maritime, Delta Blues, blue grass, traditional country, Celtic and old English, are coming together as NEW AGE FOLK; New Age for 2000, and folk as it is the telling of tales about people and places. 

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Lake Ontario Morn 

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Stories Of Presqu'ile
Original Songs By:
Peter Solmes

Presqu’ile Point,
Presqu’ile Provincial Park.

Lake Ontario


Song Titles

Stories of Presqu’ile
Out On Presqu’ile Bay
 Lake Ontario Morn
The Presqu’ile Pavilion
Ben Kerr (The rum runner)  Birds
 The Bay of Quinte Waltz
 Wave Summer Bye, Bye
Applefest Hoedown
The Speedy
Applefest in Brighton
Going to Presqu’ile

Here is a Sound byte from this CD enjoy.

Bay Of Quinte Waltz 

"Stories Of Presqu'ile"
Dear Listener, I am Peter Solmes, a seasonal dweller here at Presqu’ile. Our family has summered here for over 70 years. Who we are is on the inside.  I call upon Presqu’ile history in my songs, as well as the good times we have here. The album also reflects different styles, as the many visitors, and cottagers, are from 
different backgrounds. Look upon this recording as not so much a selection of songs, but a soundtrack for 
cottage life, and more importantly, your time here at Presqu’ile Point.

Presqu’ile Point

Presqu’ile Point, is located on Lake Ontario,  south central in the Province on Ontario, Canada. It is situated by the town of Brighton, Ontario, and is a two hour drive east, from Toronto. The Presqu’ile Provincial Park is one of Ontario’s most popular parks and will be celebrating a 50th Anniversary, April 1, 2007. 

Presqu’ile has a rich history from the early days of the Native Canadians who used it as a fishing ground, and  early explorers who used it as a way stop. Later it was settled by farmers, and was intended to be Upper Canada’s governing centre, but for strategic reasons, that was moved to the then town of York, which became Toronto in 1831. In the 1920’s, Presqu’ile took off as a summer place for campers and cottagers, and has remained thus. Presqu’ile Point is many things to many people, who enjoy the camping, sandy beaches, bird watching, the wood trails, paths, and the rich history.

Some things change, some things remain.  There is no pavilion now, but people still gather, and have sing-a-longs in the park. Where people came for the summer, they now come in  spring and fall, because of  recreation vehicles and the winterization of cottages. What remains forever, is Presqu’ile is a place, where people 
enjoy good times, and create fond memories, or recall them. 

I dedicate this musical work to my aunt, Betty Weber.

Ontario's Musical Historian - Back To Bermuda
Peter Solmes
Back To Bermuda

Song Titles

Going Back To Bermuda

1. Going Back to Bermuda
2. Frogs &?Crickets
3. Bermuda’s Triangle of Love
4. At The Swizzle Inn
5. Ocean Winds
6. Sunset at Castle Point
7. Road Mosquito
8. Hurricane’s Passing
9. Longtail Shore
10. A?Sailor’s Bermuda Lament
11. Free With The Whales
12. Farewell To Bermuda

Bermuda Gallery

"Back To Bermuda"
To the Listener, I am Peter Solmes, a Canadian folk/country artist, who has spent numerous weeks in my life in Bermuda. I have enjoyed Bermuda since 1956. I was pulled away to new places, and after some years, returned to Bermuda. I have spent my last years writing about my own country, Canada, of which I am ever so proud. But now here I was, “Going Back to Bermuda” and this song came out of nowhere. I tried out the song for my friend, Michael Freisenbruch, and he urged me to write a whole CD about Bermuda. Needless to say I had plenty of subject matter, and memories of good times to draw upon. I hope you will listen, and “tour” Bermuda with me. Yes, the “Frogs & Crickets” do create a pervasive sound in the night that is signature to Bermuda, as are Longtails, The Swizzle Inn, Road Mosquitoes, the pink coral beaches and cake icing roof tops. 

I wish to thank my friend Michael for his inspiration, advice, and
encouragement in the making of this CD. 

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