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Peter Solmes Homepage  

Peter Solmes Home Page
Ambassador Records Recording Artist


Peter  is a Canadian singer and songwriter, often times referred to as "Ontario's Musical Historian". Many of his songs are about people and places in Ontario, but also to of Canada, and elsewhere.
      Peter paints a musical canvas with many colours and scenes. His common thread is telling of those people he has met, or of history, as well as places travelled to. Peter uses a varied pallet of musical styles, to write his stories on a broad musical canvas. Do not pin him down to one style. His music is folk/country at it's base with many undertones.

Peter Solmes Singer Songwirter
A Canadian Heart


Release 2011

Peter Solmes - Canadian Tales
I introduce myself to you as Peter Solmes, a Canadian, born and raised, singer/songwriter. My music reflects who I am and my country. I not only write about Canadian places and historical moments or by way of stories and general songs in Canadian settings, but I write about places I have been to.

When writing songs they are historically accurate and I have stood or lived, or existed in the places I have written of, from the Newfoundland shores and inland town to the Rockies and bays of British Columbia and home in Ontario.

In Canadian Tales, I speak of traditions of Saturday night, with tributes to Don Messer and Tommy Hunter, stars of Saturday Night. I tell of the lads who occupy basement and TV rooms throughout Canada in “It’s Hockey and Beer”.

I also write of myself for once in “After 60 Years” and of summer cottage life in “Summer In A Lakeside Town” and 
“I Love Country Life”. I sing of our world and our stories placed in Canadian settings coast to coast. Wally The Whale, There She Waits, Gaspé Summer Cruise are stories set in Canadian places. 

Enjoy this slice of Canada. You may guess from listening that I am Proud To Be A Canadian. 

Peter Solmes

Special Thanks to Guest Artists: Tom Mark on guitar and slide guitar, Clayton Mark on guitar and slide guitar, Randy Morrison on fiddle and mandolin, Paul Evans on steel guitar, Frank Woodcock  on back vocals. Linda Evans on keeping things coordinated and on track. Paul and Ellen Helleur for concept work on the Maritime Songs.
Peter Solmes: words and music, rhythm guitar, keyboard, lead vocals. Artist Picture for the back cover by Louise Bovey. 

Song Titles

1.   After Sixty Years
2.  At The Harvest Ball
     Saturday Night Mosaic:
3.  Don Messer Tribute
4.  Tommy and Me
5.  It’s Hockey and Beer
6.  There She Waits
     The Maritime Segment:
7.  Gaspé Summer Cruise
8.  Wally The Whale
9.  Girl From Charlottetown
     Summertime Memories:
10. Ain’t Them Weekends Fun
11.  I Love Country Life
12. Summer In A Lakeside Town
13. Lone Wolf Rider

Here is a Sound byte from this CD enjoy.

After Sixty Years

It’s Hockey and Beer 

Ain’t Them Weekends Fun

To Recive a copy of this great CD....Email Peter Solmes

Recording & Custom Graphics by: Ambassador Records
185 Oshawa Blvd. S., Oshawa, ON Canada L1H 5R6 • (905) 579-7476 •

Release 2008

Peter Solmes - Ontario Tales
Once again Peter has recored a new CD called Ontario Tales. This Cd shows off his amazing tallent for writing and his taste in production. This CD will keep you toe tappin' and will be a great CD for you collection. 

Song Titles

1. The Ballad of Sarah Anne
 2. Walkin' Down A Country Road
 3. My Sweet Simcoe Girl
 4. The Man and The Tractor
 5. Bush Pilot
 6. Here's To Chef Adams
 7. The Belle and The Boy
 8. The Rebellion
 9. Cottage Closing Time
10. Pirates Of The Lake
11. Lakes and Evergreens
12. By The Lake Honky Tonk Band

Featured Musicians

GUITAR: Doug Deveaux  FIDDLE: Randy Morrison  STEEL GUITAR: Paul Evans  BACK-UP VOCALS:  Frank Woodcock

Photography By: Randa Hirst

Here is a Sound byte from this CD enjoy.

Walkin' Down a Country Road 

The Rebellion 

Here is a Song from this CD. It has recieved air play on many stations.

Free Download Enjoy

By The lake Honky Tonk Band 

To Recive a copy of this great CD....Email Peter Solmes

Release 2003

The Way West
A  Classic  Country  View
Dear Listener, 
These are tales from out West, from places I have been, about stories I have heard, thoughts on life and speculative fantasy.......Peter Solmes

GUITAR: Doug Deveaux - Joe Howe  FIDDLE: June Eikhard 
DOBRO: Tom Mark
STEEL GUITAR: Al Brisco - Paul Evans  BACK-UP VOCALS: Anita Perras - 
Frank Woodcock


Here is a Sound byte from this CD enjoy.
Where The Bow River Flows 

To Recive a copy of this great CD....Email Peter Solmes


By Peter Solmes - Country Gospel Train
Cherished Listener,
     Join me for a ride on the ‘country gospel train’ with songs thoughtful, hopeful and joyful...and please sing along. Remember the Lord only hears good notes from all His children.........
Peter Solmes

GUITAR: Doug Deveaux - Joe Howe - 
Bill Lintner 
FIDDLE: June Eikhard 
DOBRO: Tom Mark 
Al Brisco - Paul Evans 
BACK-UP VOCALS: Anita Perras - Frank Woodcock - Kimberly Paulsen

Song Titles

1. A Canadian Tradition
 2. Alone In The Wind
 3. Big Iron Wheels
 4. Coffee And Pie
 5. Dance In The Old Fashioned Way
 6. Dancing Through Life With You
 7. Ghost Of A Chance
 8.  Hurricane Survivor
 9. Put Another Quarter In The Jukebox
10. Old Timer's Waltz
11. Somewhere Down The Road
12. Too Cold For Tears
13. Twilight And Reality

* Original words & music by: Peter Solmes

Here is a Song from this CD. It has recieved air play on many stations.

Free Download Enjoy
The Lord’s Prayer** - The Benediction 3:45

To Recive a copy of this great CD....Email Peter Solmes

New CD Release 2015

Peter Solmes - Thoughts On Life
Here are a collection of songs that Peter has written to share with his fans. These songs talk about The Canadian Legion Hall where musicians played and entertained fans. His song writing  is inspired by experiences that he has had over the years. 

Thank you Peter for allowing us at Ambassador Records for being a part of your amazing talent.

All tracks have been written in Band In A box and Back up vocals by: 
Frank Woodcock

Song Titles
1. Country Gospel Train* 2:36
 2. Unclouded Day 3:14
 3. Church In The Valley* 3:36
 4. Go Tell It On The Mountain 2:26
 5. On A Calvary Hill* 2:48
 6. Wayfaring Stranger 3:45
 7. Promised Land* 2:48
 8. The Path Of The Lord* 2:55
 9. Weather The Storm* 2:48
10. The Lord’s Prayer** - The Benediction 3:45

Here is a Song from this CD. Free Download Enjoy

Too Cold For Tears 

To Recive a copy of this great CD....Email Peter Solmes

* Original words & music by: Peter Solmes

Peter's Christmas CD

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