Ed  &  Irene  Fulawka 
World Renowned
For his Steel Guitars

Ed Fulawka works out of
his two car garage in Penetanguishene, 
Ontario Canada.


Ed puchased his first Steel Guitar , a 10 string Gibson, in 1948. In 1949 decided to put pedals on it and designed his own push-pull system with rollers. His first design allowed for double raise and lower. Ed started to build Steel Guitars about the same time Buddy Emmons and Shot Jackson premiered the 'Sho~Bud'. When Ed saw that the Sho-Bud design was almost the same as the Fulawka guitar, he changed his design  to make sure he was not infriging on their patent. This is when he went to the rollers, and many other changes, and now other manufacturers use Ed's design. Ed says to others looking at his design, "Go ahead and use my design because when you see me next time I will have made new changes".  Ed's first custom built  Steels were bought by some of our top Canadian Steelers.  Now his Steel guitars are found all around the world.


Fulawka Steel Guitars started out as the love of a "sound". That "sound" was emanating from the radio on a recording of a Webb Pierce song. Ed Fulawka, at the time a young man of 22, who played Hawaiian guitar and also had a double neck 8-string, started playing around with the 8-string to try and imitate the sound he heard and liked so much. The year was 1950.

At the time, Ed was employed by Massey Ferguson in Toronto, Ontario. He soon started making parts for guitars at home in his spare time and completed his first hand-made steel in 1953.

He continued working at Massey Ferguson and building guitars in his spare time until he retired from Massey Ferguson in 1978. Most of his early guitars were made for musician friends but in 1978, making steel guitars became his full-time job, which continues to this day.

As well, his early guitars were restricted to Canadians but he has since built up a name for himself in the United States as well as Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Australia and Japan. Almost all sales are by word of mouth and Ed's attendance at various Steel Guitar conventions every year, such as St. Louis, Missouri and Knoxville, Tenn.

Working out of his shop at home and employing 1 person (himself), each guitar is completely hand built. All parts are made on site including hand winding his own pick-ups. He also does his own painting and finishing on each guitar.

With their chrome legs, polished aluminum and lustrous finish, each guitar is a beauty to behold.

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Scotties Steel Guitar Convention
Ed attends Scotties Steel Guitar Convention 
demonstrating his Custom built Steel Guitars.
A room is rented for Steel players to try his guitars.

Ed attends many conventions demonstrating his Steel Guitars. Pickers gather in his room and play music for hours. If the main stage is on break and you still want to hear more music, you will find lots more here. Steel players are amazed at the workmanship of his guitars and how well they play.  Ed not only is there just to sell a Steel Guitar but he enjoys being around the pickers and watching them play, but, usually when he leaves the convention, he has new orders to fill.


Welcome to the Homepage of Fulawka Guitar Enterprises. Step inside and find out more about our products, accessories, services we offer, our history in the Steel Guitar market or just to browse or say hello. We are always glad to hear from old friends and to make new ones.

We manufacture steel guitars, volume pedals, anvil cases, pac-a-seats, guitar covers, leg pouches, noiseless cords, and pickups. We also make machined custom parts for any make and model of steel guitar, as well as doing setup and adjustments on all makes and models.

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