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Cliffy Short
       Cliffy was born and raised in the small town of Minto, New Brunswick.  He moved to Toronto in the fifties and had his own country band for many years. 
        He also hosted the Crang Plaza, Massey Hall and Club Kingsway Jamborees and appeared on the Tommy Hunter TV show
with Mike, Mark and Jack --  the Rhythm Pals. 
        Cliffy also appeared on the WWVA Jamboree with The Skeeter Bond Show, Doc Williams and the Border Riders, Lee Moore
and Crazy Elmer. 
        He hosted the Caribou Show on CHCH TV, Hamilton, Ontario as well as touring and recording with The Harry Hibbs Showband. 
        Cliffy is currently a member of The Hensall Circle Band hosting their monthly jamboree in Mississauga, Ontario.

Cliffy Short - Keeping It Country
Cliffy still entertains his fans from the east coast of Canada to southern Ontario

New Release
Cliffy Short - It's Never Too Late
Cliffy has recorded a new C.D. for his fans to enjoy with great country songs from the past along with original songs that he has written. 

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This New release

C.D. credits from Teresa & Johnny Burk 
There’s no doubt that Cliffy Short is a huge talent. He has a gift for  delivering a country lyric with feel and class in a truly traditional style. This particular collection of songs, having been penned by Cliff himself,  illustrates yet another equally impressive talent. Professional all the way, 
Cliff entertains his audience with respect. His sense of humour has always charmed his fans, while providing a backdrop for his music. We are proud  to call him friend, proud to share his stage and proud to have had the opportunity to write these words. 
Thank you Cliff. 
The honour is ours.
Teresa & Johnny Burke

"It's Never Too Late"

 1. Love Is Coming Down 2:18
Words & Music by Rose Marie Jones / SOCAN
2. Lately 3:07
Words & Music by Cliffy Short / SOCAN
3. Tomorrow Never Comes 2:38
Words & Music by Cliffy Short & Mel Aucoin / SOCAN
4. Good Old Friends 2:32
Words & Music by Cliffy Short / SOCAN
5. You’re Leaving For Good 2:41
Words & Music by Cliffy Short / SOCAN
6. My Brightest Light 3:15
Words & Music by Cliffy Short / SOCAN
7. Long Lonely Ride 2:43
Words & Music by Rose Marie Jones / SOCAN
8. Until The Mailman Brings Me News 3:03
Words & Music by Cliffy Short / SOCAN
9. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind 2:41
Words & Music by Cliffy Short / SOCAN
10. Nine-Eleven 2:48
Words & Music by Cliffy Short / SOCAN

Recorded at: Sideman Studio
Oshawa, ON
(905) 434-8942

Produced & Engineered by: Doug Deveaux

Steel Guitar: Doug Johnson
Fiddle: J.R. Richard
Lead & Rhythm Guitar: Doug Deveaux
Back-up Vocals: Lisa Logan & Doug Deveaux
Drums: Willard Luvscratch
Piano: Hargus Hudlud
Bass: Jim Whiteout

Photography: John Hicks

 Special Thanks 
I would like to thank the following people, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me put this CD together:

• My wife Norma, my sons Darrell and Brian for helping me 
  select the songs and being so supportive
• Rose Marie Jones, for allowing me to record two of her 
• My sisters and brothers and my long time friend, John Hicks, 
  for being so supportive
• My good friends Johnny and Teresa Burke for their advice 
  and assistance
• J.R. Richard, not only a great fiddle player, but a childhood 
• Lisa Logan for great back-up vocals
• Doug Johnson (steel player), whom I met for the first time 
  when recording - an excellent musician 
• Last, but not least, Doug Deveaux - a true professional, 
  who has made this CD possible with his sound advice and 
Thank you everyone, love you all!

Cliffy Short

Here is a sound byte from Cliffy's  C.D. "It's Never Too Late"
 "Love Is Coming Down" 
"Tomorrow Never Comes" 

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New Release Page Two  "Just Plain Old Country"

New Release PageThree  "Time That's Passing By"

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