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Later Hayward did get a pick six. Honestly, though, this seems like quite an incomplete offseason.

Paul Evans Home Page  

Paul Evans Home Page

Paul Evans
With his Fulawka Steel Guitar
 Steel Guitar is Paul's first love!  He had recorded his first album, at the age of 21, with Paragon Records in 1962, called "Big Steel Guitar".  One of the cuts from this album was used as the theme song for "The Uncle Benny Show " on CHOO radio in Ajax ON. 

This photo was taken in August 2000 during a boat cruise in Toronto Harbour.
Paul has been playing Country and Gospel music for over 40 years.

The Country Showmen
Bunt Lewis / Earl Tryon / Bill Johnson / Paul Evans

In the early 70's, 4 very dedicated musicians came together to form "The Country Showmen". They began to receive acclaim and recognition through their gigs at shows, fairs and local clubs. After several years of performing together, the band broke up and each musician pursued different career opportunities. 
Paul went on to play steel guitar with country artist - Con Archer, as well as many of the top artists of that time.
The Country Showmen & Caroll Baker
During the time that the Country Showmen were together they played at 
place called "The Hay Loft" It was a barn with the upper part converted into a dance hall. This is where me met Carol Baker. After hearing her sing we invited her back to every show that we did at the Hay Loft. She was a smashing success with the fans  and soon, was on her way to  great success. 

Photo was taken at "The Hay Loft".
Around 1970

Paul Evans 
Uxbridge Valley Jamboree
     Bob Hathaway had begun to promote a jamboree in Uxbridge and it wasn't long before he asked Paul to get involved with it. This was a new venture and featured country artists from all over. It began in the Town Hall and shortly after it started was moved to the Roxy Theatre . Bob would do the advertising and promotions and Paul would book the talent and the band. Playing along side of Paul was his brother Dave Evans, (Guitar) Paul Harris, (Drums) Joe Coppins, (Bass).  We had a D.J., "Dave Johnson" from CFGM, (at the time, Canada's No.1 Country radio station ). The crowds were good and we featured guest singers such as Caroll Baker, Ed Vance, Con Archer and Diane Leigh. Diane was performing on a TV show called 'The Carl Smith Show'. She had won awards from the Canadian Country Music Awards in the 60's. Promoters and managers would come to the jamboree and this where Caroll Baker met George Petrolia, a promoter of country music. George introduced Caroll to talent manager, Don Grashey, from Thunder Bay. This is when Caroll recorded her first record. Caroll was soon getting air play and the fans loved her. She became one of Canada's top female vocalists, winning many awards from the C.C.M.A.. 
     Bob and Paul wanted to take this show to radio but the concept  was turned down by CFGM after it was presented by Dave Johnson. Not long after this, CFGM started there own jamboree called "Opry North" and the Uxbridge Valley Jamboree slowly began to phase out. 
***The Durham Country Pickers***
Tom Mark - Joe Linge - Paul Wasson - Paul Evans
The Durham Country Pickers was a popular country band in the late 80's. 
They enjoyed a popularity locally and played at several dances, shows, jamborees and private corporate functions. This group worked together for about 5 years until each member went on to pursue other interests.
It was a real pleasure for Paul to work 
with these very talented musicians. 

Ambassador Records
Paul & Linda Evans with their son Robin
Ambassador Records was founded in 1977 and is located at 185 Oshawa Blvd. S., Oshawa, Ontario. 
In 1984, after seven years a a part time business, Linda and Paul took the steps to make Ambassador Records a full time operation offering: Graphics, Tape duplication, Recording Studio, Internet service and Promotions. They now offer in-house CD duplication, labelling and packaging.

Paul & Linda Evans and 
The 'Classic Country Music Reunion'
Linda and Paul have been involved with the Classic Country Music Reunion, as directors,  from 1999 to 2003. As directors of the main stage, it has been their job to book the sound system, band members and the artists that perform on the main stage, as well as the Saturday morning downtown show and the Sunday morning gospel program. 
For the past three years Ambassador Records has produced a compilation CD for the C.C.M.R., featuring many of that years artists. The CD has been a great  tool to promote the artists and the C.C.M.R. to local radio stations for air play. 
Special Thanks to Thelma Staddon for the great photos  of the main stage!

Ambassador Records also hosted the C.C.M.R. web site with Paul doing the web writing including
sound bytes and pictures. It has been really exciting to see the event grow approximately 300% over the
past three years! The show is held in Trenton at Centennial Park, held during the August long weekend.
It is a great show  - with an all Canadian cast!

***New CD Release***

Paul Evans - Steelin' From The Heart
“Steelin’ From The Heart” is a collection of  country and gospel songs that are close to my heart. My influences for playing steel guitar came from Bob Lucier, Al Brisco, Rusty Walker, Ollie Strong, Neil Flanz, Buddy Emmons, Lloyd Green and Tom Brumley. Over the last 2 years I have enjoyed the fine talent of Ron Elliott. Although I have created my own style, the steel guitar still challenges me for more knowledge. I have been playing steel guitar for over 40 years and to this day it still inspires me as much as it did when I started playing.  I hope you enjoy the songs on this CD, Steelin’ From The Heart.
Thanks Paul Evans 
A Tribute To Dad - Pierre Evans
I was 18 years old when my dad bought me my first professional steel guitar from Bob Lucier. It was an eight string Sho-Bud with three floor pedals and two knee levers. Dad was an evangelist, preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was a wonderful man and had a love for souls. I promised dad that when I learned how  to play the steel, and I sure hope that I know how after 40 years, that I would record an album for the Lord’s work. I dedicate this CD to dad for all his support and the love he had shown me over the years. Dad went home to be with the Lord in 1966. 

Steelin' From The Heart
Steel Guitar has been Paul’s first love! Paul started out by playing a Gibson lap steel, in a band with his brother Dave. During this time they played at Legions and booked their own dances. It was not long before Paul was interested in the pedal steel and bought a home made steel built out of 2x4’s. It had the National set-up with the pedals at the end of the steel. Paul modified it to put the pedals at the front like the SHO-BUD that Buddy Emmons and Shot Jackson built in Nashville, Tennessee. After a period of time Paul bought his first SHO-BUD from Bob Lucier. It was an eight string with two knee levers and three floor pedals. After many years Paul bought a S10 SHO-BUD with four knee levers and three floor pedals. Paul played this steel until 1999 and then he bought a new Fulawka and is playing it to this day.

Steelin' From The Heart

Faded Love
If You Have Real Audio Click here

1. Bars Of Steel (4:03)
2. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (2:18)
3. Faded Love (3:33)
4. Harbour Lights (3:38)
5. How Great Thou Art (4:10)
6. I Love You Because (3:39)
7. Last Date (3:55)
8. Life's Railway To Heaven (2:53)
9. Sunday In Dixie (3:39)
10. Sleepwalk  (2:41)
11. Steel Guitar Rag (2:36)

Download "Life's Railway To Heaven Here" MP3

If you have an older version of Netscape and can not hear the music, right mouse click
and download into your computer.

Special Thanks
- I would like to thank all the steel players who have inspired me over the years!
- “Bars Of Steel” was recorded to say ‘thanks’ to Lloyd Green.
- “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” is for my family. I love you guys!
- I dedicate “Harbour Lights” to Neil Flanz. After hearing Neil play at a house party, I      knew that the steel guitar was the instrument I wanted to play.
- For my pastor, Rev. Sam Martin, I recorded“How Great Thou Art”. God bless.
- “I Love You Because” was recorded for my dear friend Larry Dee, now deceased,
 but his memory and music lives on. This was one of his favorite songs.
- “Last Date” was recorded for a dear friend, Clint Couperthwaite, one of my fans    from the early 70’s.
- After listening to a CD by steel guitarist, Ron Elliott, I was inspired to record
 “Life’s Railway To Heaven”.
- “Sunday In Dixie” was a song Buddy Emmons recorded years ago. I loved the way
 he played it so I dedicate this song to him.
- “Sleepwalk” was recorded for my dear friend Graham Reid. Thanks Graham for
 all your encouragement.
- “Steel Guitar Rag” was the first instrumental that I learned on the steel guitar.
I do hope that you enjoy this CD because it is “Steelin’ From The Heart”. Paul Evans

Special Thanks - To Eddy Fulawka
Hand built with the precision that only Eddy can do, the Fulawka steel guitar has given me new inspiration to play. I have never played a steel with such smooth action and the sound is amazing. In my opinion, this is the finest steel built today. Thanks Eddy for your  amazing workmanship! 

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Paul Evans

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