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New Release - Glory To His Name

Linda Evans - Glory To His Name
Listening to this overdue CD by Linda made me "feel as if I was sitting at home in the presence of Jesus!"  It just seemed that the Holy Spirit gave Linda a special anointing for this project and each and every song ministers to one's heart!

May the Lord continue to allow His spirit to flow through each track so that the ‘warmth’ of His presence will be real!

Thanks Linda!

Dr. Sam Martin
Linda’s friend and Pastor
Safe Haven Worship Centre
Pickering, ON

My Pastor speaks of this CD being overdue and that it is! It has been almost 16 years since I completed a full studio recording. This CD has actually been in the works since 2004, but sometimes life gets in the way of finishing things and time goes by so quickly.
As the CD evolved songs were selected, some didn't get past the drawing board, some were dropped and then I went back and reviewed songs that had special meaning or had been a part of my repertoire in the past. "Glory To His Name" then became a compilation of requests, favorites and treasured hymns that I have enjoyed and appreciated over the years.
I made my singing debut at the age of 13, by request of my 'Aunt Joyce' Suttcliffe, the choir director/organist at Hillsdale Wesleyan Church in Oshawa. She asked me to sing "In The Garden" on Easter weekend. To say the least I was terrified, but a passion for gospel music was awakened in me and that love has stayed with me. As a teen, I remember sitting around the campfire at Silver Lake Wesleyan Camp, singing "Do Lord" and committing my life to do the Lord's work. I was 'never the same again'! With the assurance of salvation 'something wonderful happened' in my life, and I want to give 'glory to His name' and 'come and adore Him'. When I consider the beauty of a lily, I am reminded that for all the craftsmanship God puts into a flower, He loves and cares for each one of us so much more!  It all began over 2000 years ago on 'a hill called Mt. Calvary' and I am so grateful that God knew I would need his amazing grace. This shall forever be my song of praise! The love that was displayed at Calvary stays with us as we journey through this life and prepares us for our home in Heaven where we’ll ‘sing-sing-sing’!
Enjoy...Linda Evans
Friends that made this CD possible
Glory To His Name
Steel Guitar & MIDI: Paul Evans
Lead & Rhythm Guitar: Doug Deveaux
Piano on #11 & #12: Steve Woolhead
Fiddle: Dan McGrath
Fiddle on “Just A Closer Walk”: Robin Evans
Back-up Vocals: Frank Woodcock

Graphic Design & CD Duplication by: 
Paul & Linda Evans 
Ambassador Records, Oshawa, ON
Cover Photography by:
Portraits by “Goguen”, Oshawa, ON  905-725-2804
Hair & Makeup by: Omura Yildirim


Recorded at:
185 Oshawa Blvd. S, Oshawa, ON  L1H 5R6
905-579-7476 • 1-800-379-6594  •  email:
Engineered by: Paul Evans & Doug Deveaux
Produced by: Paul Evans - Linda Evans - Doug Deveaux
Oshawa, ON  •  905-434-8942
Mixed & Mastered by: Doug Deveaux

Linda is available to sing at special functions including: Churches, weddings, funerals, conventions and jamborees.
For bookings and CD’s contact: Linda Evans at 905-579-7476 or 1-800-379-6594 email:

Linda Evans - Glory To His Name
Song Titles
 1. Glory To His Name  3:12
 2. I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary /  
      Old Rugged Cross  3:47
  3. Mansion Over The Hilltop  4:18    
  4. Do Lord  2:55          
  5. In The Garden  3:58
  6. Something Wonderful Happened  3:00 
  7. Never The Same Again  3:35
  8. How Great Thou Art  4:39
  9. He Looked Beyond My Fault (And Saw My  
       Need) 3:39
10. Just A Closer Walk  3:42           
11. Sing - Sing - Sing  2:54       
12. The Lighthouse  4:15
13. Consider The Lilies  3:34           
14. Through It All  4:23
15. We Come To Adore Him  4:17         

HHere are some MP3 samples of her songs on this CD

Glory To His Name MP3

Do Lord MP3

Something Wonderful Happened  MP3

Just A Closer Walk With Thee MP3
On this song Robin is playing the break on his fiddle. Age 11 years old. enjoy.

Consider The Lilies MP3

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