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One Simple Prayer 
I've Never Been Out Of His Care 

New Cd release 2007 Glory To His Name


Linda Evans

Singing Gospel music has become a way of life for Linda. She's been singing for the Lord since the age of 13 and began her professional Gospel career at age 25. Today, Linda furthers her career by singing and sharing in churches, open-air meetings, conventions and special services. She has performed on the television ministry of the People's Church in Toronto, at Bayfair Baptist Church in Pickering and many evangelical churches throughout southern Ontario.

Ambassador Records

Linda and her husband Paul own and operate Ambassador Records, an independent recording company providing a complete suite of services. While Paul handles the technical end of the business, Linda takes care of the administration duties of Ambassador Records. They both agree their jobs are made easier by the fact they are both musical individuals. Oh yes, there's one duty they've shared since April, 1995... caring for their son 
Robin Paul Roy Evans. 

Linda At The Classic Country Music Reunion
Linda is also well known for singing gospel music at country music events. Over the last three years, Linda along with her husband Paul has promoted the Gospel show at the C.C.M.R., that has now become a major attraction at the show.

Sharing the Gospel and helping others is Linda's 
first love!

Linda Sings At The C.C.M.A. Gospel Show 1998 
Calgary Alberta

Being asked to perform on Canada's 
biggest gospel music show has been an honor for Linda. Central United Church  was packed to the doors with approx. 2000 people in attendance for the concert that featured 9 gospel artists/groups. Among the special guests were Gary Fjellgaard, Reg Benoit, The Molnars,
John Gracie, Kimberly Keith, Denis Grady and Betty McDaniels.It was truly a great afternoon of  Gospel music!

Reassured Love

Linda's  Gospel album entitled "Reassured Love" has been a great success sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Her first release from the album is a song called, "One Simple Prayer".It received  airplay,  in Europe, and remained on the charts in Ireland for several months. Linda is soon to be recording her new Album and releasing it on CD.s  as well as cassettes.

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New CD release Glory To His Name 

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