Ambassador Records
Recording Studio
Oshawa, Ontario

A Brief History....
     Ambassador Records opened its doors in 1977 as a part time recording operation and became a full time venture in 1984. For over 35 years, Ambassador Records has offered professional recording to their clients. The studio began with a humble 4 track recording system, in 1983 it progressed to eight tracks and in 1987 became a 16 track recording facility. All recording during this time was analog, using reel to reel recorders. To keep up with the digital technology, Ambassador Records also went digital, first with 16 track "Tascam D38 recorders", and then in 2007 to Pro Tools multitrack recording. 

     Paul Evans, owner/operator of Ambassador Records, began his musical career in the 1960's as a professional musician who had a heart for recording. His dream was realized when Ambassador Records became a reality in 1977 and he hasn't looked back! Paul is often called upon to work not only as the engineer, but also as a producer, working together with each client to produce a high quality sound. Singers, songwriters, choirs and bands, along with commercials and voice-overs for video, television and seminars, have all been a part of the studios history. It is a privilege to work along side each artist that has recorded here over the years. Some of our artists have been honoured with awards for their recordings, while others have enjoyed success with their local audiences and fans. For over 15 years, Ambassador Records has also recorded the student choirs on location at Faithway Baptist College of Canada in Ajax, assisting in the production of 8 CD's to date.

     The business also goes beyond the recording studio to provide custom graphics and CD packages, as well as CD burning for smaller orders. Ambassaador Records endeavours to be  a one stop company that can meet all the needs of its clientelle. 

If you thinking about an upcoming recording project.....we look forward to hearing from you!

Professional Recording at Ambassador Records 

Studio Musicians are available for all styles of music

Ambassador Records offers a complete Midi set up enhanced with great sounds from our keyboard and from various sound cards in the computer system.
We offer quality headphones for the artist to monitor their performance during the recording process.
Yamaha Full Size Piano/Keyboard - Headphone Patch Bay

Ambassador Records offers several different styles and brands of microphones for professional use.
The Neumann U87 is an amazing microphone that is the industry standard.
Other microphones used in the Studio include: Berringer, AKG's, Shure 57's, and various Audio Technica's to mention a few.
Our sound proof drum booth supplies a seven piece Tama drum kit with new skins for best tone.
It also has a headphone set-up for the drummer to monitor the musicians during the recording process.
Microphones - Drum booth 

Here are recordings done for You Tube performed by Paul and Robin Evans

Faded Love

I Love You Because

Born To Lose


Lorne Buck & Bluegrass Jam
Sing A Happy Song - Released 1980

Fred Cacciotti
UCMVA 2005 Unity Award - International Artist of the Year &
2006 Gospel Music Association Covenant Award - Instrumental Song of the Year

Marlene O'Neill & Joan Elliott
ENCORE - 2005 - Canadian Gospel Music Awards

Naomi Bristow
Ridin' High was awarded the "Best Traditional Yodel Album of the Year 2010"
by the National Traditional Country Music Association in the United States

For more information about Ambassador Records contact:
Paul & Linda Evans
185 Oshawa Blvd. S., Oshawa, ON L1H 5R6
905-579-7476  or Toll free: 1-800-379-6594
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